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Plug in any Direction Your PowerStation is fun! Yout can plug in your gadgets anywhere, any way you want.
Customized Covers You can customize your PowerStation cover with Egg official covers or make your own design.
2 USB's Fast Charging You can charge your devices using the 2 USB outlets on your PowerStation (10 Watts maximum output).
Circuit Breaker In case of any malfunction anomaly or excess current, PowerStation will immediately shutdown preventing damage to your plugged equipments.
Exclusive for Europlug Your PowerStation accepts the most common electric system in the world, Europlug C.
Plugtight Grip The internal PowerStation sockets are safe and strong. When plugging your equipments in the PowerStation a strong grip is applied preventing them from being loose.
1.5 Meter Power Cord Your PowerStation has a 1.5 meter high quality power cable, with two bonded multifilament copper cables, suited for all indoor purposes.
Plug Multiple Devices With your PowerStation you can plug and charge all your equipments at the same time more efficientely.
Desktop Powerstrip PowerStation was designed in a way that it can be near you and at your range. No more powerstrip hiding.
Flat Surface PowerStation has a minimal design factor that suits any indoor space, making it blend with any enviroment.
CE Certified All EGG products are subject of strict safety tests according EU norms.
Design and Utility Patent The EGG PowerStation design is patented and protected.